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Welcome to a transformative experience in automotive detailing, brought to you by Winsome Academy on February 11th in Los Angeles. This workshop isn't just about learning—it's about redefining your approach to car care and elevating your skills to a professional level.
Introduction to Paint Correction
Application of Ceramic Coatings
Rotary Polishing Techniques

Unveil the secrets of transforming common imperfections into stunning finishes. Learn the techniques that elevate a vehicle's appearance dramatically.

Delve into the future of vehicle protection. Acquire the skills to apply ceramic coatings, adding immense value to your detailing service.

Explore the art and precision of rotary polishing. This essential skill is not just about technique; it's about crafting perfection with each movement.

What You Will Learn

Working on Car Collections

Understand the unique aspects of maintaining diverse car collections, where each vehicle narrates its own story.

Practical Hands-On Experience

Transition from theory to practice in our hands-on session. This is where true learning and skill refinement happen, guided by experts.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with fellow detailing enthusiasts and professionals, fostering a community of learning and growth.

Duration: 1-Day Intensive Workshop

Location: 1505 S Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90021

Date and Time: February 11, 2024

Registration Fee: $499

Paint Correction Workshop

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Enjoy this comprehensive guide on high-end detailing for beginners:
  1. Automotive Detailing Fundamentals: We've explored the foundational principles of automotive detailing, from proper washing techniques to the importance of using quality products.

  2. Ceramic Coatings and Paint Correction: Delve into advanced topics such as ceramic coatings, their benefits, and how to apply them. Discover the art of paint correction to achieve a flawless finish.

  3. Exotic Car Detailing: Learn the unique challenges and considerations involved in detailing exotic cars, from delicate materials to high-performance components.

  4. Tailoring Techniques: Understand how to adapt detailing techniques for different surfaces, including interiors, wheels, brakes, and engine bays.

  5. Practical Hands-On Experience: Gain valuable insights from a step-by-step practical session on detailing an exotic car, from pre-detail assessment to post-detail inspection.

  6. Elevate Your Expertise: Conclude the journey with our in-person workshops and coaching courses, offering opportunities to refine your skills and explore the path to a successful detailing business.