Car Detailing

Experience top-notch car detailing at Winsome. Our services go beyond the ordinary, ensuring your vehicle receives meticulous care and attention. From exterior enhancements to interior revitalization, Winsome is your go-to for a refreshed and polished ride. Book now and let us bring out the best in your car.

At Winsome, we offer three distinct stages of detailing to suit your car's needs. Stage 1 includes an exterior wash, light clay bar treatment, sealant wax, and more. Opt for Stage 2 for added benefits like a full clay bar, light polish, and a 3-4 month sealant. Our Stage 3 detail encompasses everything from Stage 2, plus a full machine polish, headlight restoration, and a 6-month sealant. And the best part? Our mobile service brings these exceptional detailing stages right to your doorstep, ensuring convenience meets excellence.

Reveal your car's brilliance

The Essentials

Stage 1 Detail

Est. $285-$350 - 3-5 hrs

The Renewal

Stage 2 Detail

Est. $475-$650 - 4-6 hrs

The Masterpiece

Stage 3 Detail

Est. $1050-$2500 - estimate provided in-person

Add an extra shine and protection with Stage 2 Detailing. The Renewal service includes:

  • Everything from Stage 1

  • Full clay bar treatment

  • Light polishing for a brilliant finish

  • Application of a sealant for added protection

Exterior is hand washed, paint is decontaminated & clayed. Undercarriage, wheel faces & barrels cleaned. Exterior single stage paint enhancement removing (70%-80% of defects) to all painted surfaces.

1 year ceramic sealant application applied to all painted surfaces and plastics conditioned.

This service is our clients' most popular choice.

*Pet hair is an additional fee

*3 year ceramic coating application is available for an additional fee

Car's exterior undergoes a thorough transformation starting with a meticulous exterior wash, followed by a paint decontamination process and clay bar treatment. After a secondary wash, the rims, tires, and wheel arches receive dedicated attention.

On the inside, leather, dash, and door panels receive a meticulous cleaning, complemented by the application of a nourishing leather conditioner on seats and console.

A multi-stage (2-3) paint correction process is then meticulously applied to all painted surfaces, including delicate "piano black" trim pieces, followed by an alcohol wipe down.

The final touch is the application of a ceramic coating for a lasting and brilliant finish.

Keeping your car clean is essential for maintaining its appearance and value. Simple detailing techniques can help you achieve this. Our Stage 1 Detailing service includes:

  • Outside wash and dry

  • Light clay bar treatment

  • Sealant wax for a lasting shine

  • Wheels cleaned and dressed

  • Interior vacuum

  • Interior wipe down

  • Door jams cleaned

  • Window cleaning inside and out

Regularly performing these detailing services will ensure that your car remains clean and well-maintained.

*Pet hair is an additional fee

*1 year ceramic coating application is available for an additional fee

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