Elevate Your Vehicle's Shine with Premium Ceramic Coating

Unleash Unmatched Brilliance and Protection – Experience the Power of Ceramic Coating Today

Elevate Your Vehicle's Shine with Premium Ceramic Coating

Unleash Unmatched Brilliance and Protection – Experience the Power of Ceramic Coating Today

Advanced Protection

Ceramic coating forms a resilient shield on your vehicle's surface, guarding against UV rays, oxidation, and environmental contaminants.

Long-Lasting Brilliance

Experience a prolonged, deep gloss finish that surpasses traditional waxes and sealants, maintaining your car's showroom shine for an extended period.

Effortless Maintenance

Simplify your car care routine. Ceramic coating minimizes the need for frequent washing, making maintenance a breeze while preserving the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle.

Why Ceramic Coating?

Secure unmatching protection

Our ceramic coating penetrates into the microscopic pores of your vehicle's paint, creating a nanostructure that bonds at the molecular level, providing up to 5 years of unparalleled protection.

How Ceramic Coating works?

Embrace the ease of cleaning

Experience a remarkable water-repelling effect with a contact angle exceeding 100 degrees. Our ceramic coating makes water bead and roll off, reducing water spotting and enhancing the ease of cleaning by up to 30%.

Safeguard your car from UV damage

Shield your vehicle against the harmful effects of UV rays. Our ceramic coating offers UV resistance, preventing paint oxidation and fading by up to 90%, ensuring your car's color remains vibrant and lustrous for years to come.

Will is the absolute best at what he does and is also really professional. Winsome Automotive is the only team we trust with our cars they’re 10/10, and I would definitely recommend them to a friend.

- Oscar Hernandez

Winsome Automotive does an outstanding job with my autos. I have had 2 vehicles ceramic coated by Winsome, the attention to detail was nothing but top-quality and perfection. A big thanks to Will and his team.

- M Kel

Hear What Our Happy Clients Say

Hands down one of the best work I’ve seen had my GTR detailed and coated and it came out better than it did when it came out of the dealer.

- Been Yabwry

Lifetime Guarantee

Enjoy peace of mind with Winsome Automotive's exclusive lifetime guarantee for members, providing unparalleled assurance throughout your vehicle's life. For those opting for DIY maintenance, sign up for an extra warranty plan to enhance your coverage. At Winsome, we offer choices that align with your preferences, ensuring every journey with your vehicle is backed by lasting protection and support.

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